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How to unlock secret character Disc Man - Windjammers 2

Did you know there's a bonus character in the Windjammers 2 roster you can unlock and play? Check out the details on getting Disc Man!


The Windjammers 2 roster is already packed to the brim with 10 larger-than-life characters, each ready to compete in their own unique way. However, there is another that lurks in the shadows - a secret 11th character. Perhaps you have had a run-in with him already, or perhaps not. He is Disc Man, the embodiment of flying disc competition and to find him or play him, you must know the way to unlock him. Fortunately, that’s where we come in! Here are the details on how to unlock Disc Man in Windjammers 2!

How to unlock secret character Disc Man

Disc Man won’t be unlocked by beating the game or achieving some sort of secret goal. In fact, you can unlock him any time you want to! Here’s what you do: once you get the character select screen in any mode in the game (Versus, Arcade, and even Online play), you need to rotate the left stick in a 360-degree circular motion, cycling through about four of the characters on the screen. After so many times, Disc Man will appear off the edge of the character select menu and you can navigate to and select him as your character. It doesn’t matter where on the character select screen you start the motion. I’m also not sure if there’s a preset number. It took me 39 complete rotations to unlock him. That said, here’s the simple rundown:

  • Navigate to the character select screen in any mode
  • Rotate the left stick on a gamepad until Disc Man appears on the left edge of the menu
  • Navigate to Disc Man and choose him.

Bear in mind, Disc Man won’t remain permanently unlocked. If you want to play as him, you’ll have to unlock him with the above method every time you get to the character select screen. However, there are no prerequisites to unlock him. You don’t have to beat the game or accomplish anything special before you can unlock him. You just have to get to a character select and spin the stick until he appears.

Disc Man is a quirky bird even among the outlandish competitors of Windjammers. He’s a balanced character, featuring equal parts speed and power and his Charged Shot is similar in execution to Mita or Biaggi’s in that it runs in a circle, albeit he throws his disc-shaped head and it leaves a cartoonish bubble trail behind it. He’s not a bad character at all, and you might even throw off opponents with the fact that he’s particularly weird.

Nonetheless, we’re happy to have a fun little quirk like Disc Man in the Windjammers 2 roster, even as a special unlock. Be sure to check out our other Windjammers 2 coverage, including what characters are best to start with, get out there, and take home the Windjammers Championship!

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