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Destiny 2 Hotfix patch notes

Here's what's changing with Hotfix in Destiny 2.


Bungie just released the notes for Destiny 2 Hotfix These notes tackle a wide range of issues from the responsiveness of the Ogre in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon to the color blind settings being reverted. Let’s dig in.

Destiny 2 Hotfix

Destiny 2 Hotfix


  • Dares of Eternity: Fixed a rare crash that could occur during the Crota boss encounter
  • Dungeon - Grasp of Avarice: Improved responsiveness of Phryzhia (Ogre boss) becoming vulnerable when the cursed idol buff is activated


  • Fixed an issue where defeating enemies with a finisher could cause a crash
  • Note: The team is continuing to investigate general crashes in Gambit. Please continue to report issues to the #Help forum on


  • Fixed an issue where invisible geometry could block bullets or movement on some curved surfaces


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the ability to equip Exotic Ornaments to the Wish-Ender bow


  • Fixed an issue where Hunter class ability cooldown times would increase if the player's Mobility stat was over 100
  • Players may now increase their Mobility to whatever value over 100 that they desire without detriment to their cooldown timers, even if it provides no real benefit
  • Seriously, go ahead
  • Max that stat out
  • We dare you
  • Show us how high you can get your Mobility 


  • Reverted a change to Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia Colorblind Modes default colors to address community feedback
  • Improved Roster grouping and sorting algorithms to generally improve Roster performance

You can view the full patch notes from Bungie if you'd prefer.

Even as someone who is color blind, I find the damage fix for the Ogre in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon more notable than the color blind settings. I just don’t use the settings. Not because they wouldn’t help me – I often can’t tell the difference between a Void shield and an Arc shield without looking closely – but because I’m so used to the default color settings in Destiny 2 that I’ve never been able to take advantage of the protanopia option. It just makes Destiny 2 look like a different game, so I choose the color struggle over the benefit of the settings. Can’t wait to slap that Ogre, though.

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