Hunter XP level requirements - Hunt: Showdown

Discover how much XP is needed to level a Hunter from 1 to 50 in Hunt: Showdown.


In Hunt: Showdown, increasing a hunter’s level is all part of improving your build for the next bounty. With each level increase comes an addition trait point and the potential to earn even more Bloodline experience. Players with a goal to get a hunter to level 50 will likely want to know the XP required to reach each level so they can plan out their match.

Hunter XP levels – Level 1 to Level 50

Each hunter in Hunt: Showdown starts off at level 1 and, provided they survive, can reach the maximum level of 50. Increasing a hunter’s level through all 50 levels requires a lot of skill, a handful of luck, and some planning. Below is a table that documents how much XP you need to move from one level to the next.

hunt showdown hunter xp levels
If you're trying to get a hunter to level 50, sometimes doing a monster-only run can reward a decent chunk of XP. It's safe, but slow.

At certain XP levels you will also earn a chunk of Bloodline XP, which will help you level up your actual account rank. You will also be able to retire a hunter at level 25, which will put XP directly toward your Bloodline.

Hunter level XP to next level
1 100
2 100
3 200
4 200
5 200
6 200
7 300
8 300
9 300
10 300
11 300
12 300
13 300
14 300
15 300
16 300
17 300
18 400
19 400
20 400
21 400
22 400
23 400
24 400
25 500
26 500
27 500
28 500
29 500
30 500
31 500
32 500
33 500
34 500
35 600
36 600
37 600
38 600
39 600
40 600
41 600
42 600
43 600
44 600
45 600
46 600
47 600
48 600
49 600

How to level up a hunter

The raw data of XP per level can only get you so far in Hunt: Showdown. The next step is using this information and working out a way to level up a hunter quickly. For the most part, you will simply want to play the game. Every creature you kill, clue you collect, bounty to extract with, and hunters you kill will earn you XP.

hunt showdown hunter xp envelope
Look out for hunter XP envelopes for a quick boost to your hunter's level.

Beyond the usual suspects, you can also find hunter XP envelopes hidden around the map. These will reward you with 1,000 XP toward your hunter. You will need to successfully extract in order to get the XP.

Another strategy you might want to consider, though tedious, is to enter a match and focus on clearing out creatures. A couple of silenced weapons and a careful playstyle will mean you can slink around the map unnoticed by other hunters and focus on killing zombies. This method is slow, but it avoids a lot of risk, which is great if you’re trying to get five hunters to level 50 for the Five-Ace Hand Achievement.

Now that you know the XP required to hit each hunter level, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to do in Hunt: Showdown to hit certain milestones. All you need to do now is get in the game and start accruing XP. Stop by the Shacknews Hunt: Showdown page for the latest news and some more guides to help survive the bayou.

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