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How to hijack a vehicle - Halo Infinite

Whether it's a Grapplejack, skyjack, or a good old fashion board, here's how to hijack in Halo Infinite.


Halo Infinite lets players once again hijack an enemy vehicle. The move, which was originally introduced in Halo 2 as “boarding”, has advanced to the point that players can now use a Grappleshot to “skyjack” a Banshee out of the sky. Here are some tips for how to hijack a vehicle in Halo Infinite.

How to hijack a vehicle

To break it down completely, to hijack a vehicle in Halo Infinite you must be close enough to press the appropriate on-screen button or use a Grappleshot to reach the vehicle. Let’s look at both of these options a bit more closely.

The first one, being close to a vehicle, is more difficult to pull off. As an enemy vehicle gets close to you, look for the on-screen text that says “hold X to hijack” or if you’re on PC, the E key. If you time it right, you will grab onto the vehicle and pull the driver, gunner, or passenger out and get into their seat.

halo infinite hijack vehicle skyjack grapplejack
Look out for opportunities to hijack an enemy vehicle in Halo Infinite.

For the Grappleshot, all you need to do is find a Grappleshot on the map and fire it at the vehicle. When the anchor hits, you will be pulled toward the vehicle and automatically hijack it. This move will consume one charge of the Grappleshot. Performing this move on a Ghost will unlock the Achievement, Whip-Riding the Ghost, while using the Grappleshot to hijack a flying vehicle will earn you Skyhook Shot.

Keep in mind that if you try to hijack a Scorpion or Wraith, you will not pull the driver out. Instead, you will cling to the side and can start meleeing the driver. This is one way to defeat an enemy Scorpion or Wraith that is dominating the battlefield.

There are also a few medals associated with hijacking in Halo Infinite. The Skyjack medal is for hijacking an enemy aircraft, Reclaimer is for hijacking a vehicle that was yours, and Grapple-Jack is when you hijack a vehicle using the Grappleshot. There is also a medal called Windshield Wiper for killing an enemy that is trying to hijack a vehicle.

Hijacking vehicles in Halo Infinite is a thrilling move that looks quite cinematic, especially if you use a Grappleshot to skyjack a Banshee. Remember to employ this strategy if an enemy is tearing around in a vehicle, just make sure you don’t get splattered in the process. Check out our Halo Infinite page for more guides and the latest news.

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