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New NVIDIA driver will support DLDSR and Freestyle SSRTGI

The new driver will offer AI-assisted downscaling, screen-space Freestyle effects, and optimizations for God of War, Monster Hunter Rise, and more.


As we are now firmly into the year 2022, new game releases are beginning to trickle out. For PC players, a large assortment of upcoming ports and releases are sure to be big hits. Former console exclusives like God of War and Monster Hunter Rise are nearly ready for launch. As with most big PC launches, NVIDIA has prepared a new display driver for its GeForce graphics cards that have optimizations for these new games as well as support for the new Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution (DLDSR) feature and game-changing Freestyle upgrades.

While NVIDIA made headlines last week at CES 2022 with the announcement of the RTX 3090 Ti, the most memorable launch of this month may end up being for DLDSR. DLDSR is an AI-powered Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) downscaling technology that can offer improved visual quality through the use of the Tensor cores found in RTX-class GPUs. Gamers can enable DLDSR and enjoy a cleaner image without the performance hit that is commonly associated with downsampling.

If that weren’t enough, NVIDIA has partnered with the developer of a popular tool called ReShade. NVIDIA will be adding new custom ReShade FreeStyle filters into its GeForce Experience tool with this new driver. The filters include:

  • SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination), commonly known as the “Ray Tracing ReShade Filter” enhances lighting and shadows of your favorite titles to create a greater sense of depth and realism.
  • SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) emphasizes the appearance of shadows near the intersections of 3D objects, especially within dimly lit/indoor environments.
  • Dynamic DOF (Depth of Field) applies bokeh-style blur based on the proximity of objects within the scene giving your game a more cinematic suspenseful feel.

The new NVIDIA driver is expected to be available later this week on January 14 to coincide with the release of Sony’s God of War on PC.

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