Can you upgrade the backpack space in Grounded?

Discover whether you can increase how much you can carry in the backpack in Grounded.


Surviving the harsh backyard in Grounded requires efficient management of your inventory. Part of this process is working out how much you can hold and whether you can expand your carry limits. For this reason, it makes sense to wonder whether it’s possible to upgrade the backpack space in Grounded.

Can you upgrade the backpack in Grounded?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot upgrade the backpack space in Grounded. At the time of writing, you are limited to the number of slots you start the game with, which is 30. This means you will need to carefully consider what you are carrying and how much room you will need in your backpack to hold whatever it is you are collecting.

grounded can you upgrade the backpack carry size
The backpack in Grounded cannot be upgraded, which means you must become more efficient with how to use the 30 slots.

There are a few quirks about the backpack and its contents in Grounded. Anything you have equipped is not classified as being in the backpack. This means any armor, glider, and anything you’re holding in your hands (like a weapon and torch) are not taking up room in your backpack. Though, items on your hotpouch do take up backpack space.

In terms of carrying more (like grass and weed stems), you can increase your hauling capacity with different sets of armor. Without any armor, you can only carry 5 of these large items at once. This can be increased to 8 with the use of the Ant Armor and then to 10 if you consume a Worker’s Comp smoothie.

All of this should be quantified by stating that Grounded is still in Early Access and undergoing development. This means that while you cannot upgrade the backpack now, you may be able to do so later on down the track. For now, take a moment to check out our Grounded page for more helpful tips.

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