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How to invert the camera - Monster Hunter Rise

Learn how to change the Y-axis in Monster Hunter Rise from normal or default to inverted.


Inverting your camera controls in Monster Hunter Rise can be a bit complicated. For those that prefer non-default controls, working out how to invert the Y-axis (or the X-axis), can involve diving through the settings in search or something that resembles the correct option. If you can’t see the forest for the trees, we’ve got the necessary options listed just below.

Invert the camera – Monster Hunter Rise

In order to invert the camera in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to open up the Options. To do this, hit Escape or the Start button, go to the far-right tab which is System, and go into Options. In here, go down to Camera, this is where you can invert the Y-axis and also the X-axis.

Here are the areas you will need to invert:

  • Camera Controls
  • Reticle Controls
  • Gunner Reticle Camera Controls
monster hunter rise invert camera
Monster Hunter Rise uses different "Types" that control camera inversion. There are three camera options you will need to invert.

The Camera Controls are responsible for the general aiming of the camera such as when you’re running around with your hunter. The Reticle Controls is responsible for whenever you’ve got a reticle on your screen like when you’re using the Wirebug. Finally, the Gunner Reticle Camera Controls is for those players that use one of Monster Hunter Rise’s ranged weapons.

For each of these options, you will want to set it to Type 3 if you want only the Y-axis inverted. This will make it so that pressing up on the camera stick aims down and pressing down causes you to aim up. There are a few other “Types” that will also invert the X-axis (side to side).

Another option you may also want to invert is called the Gunner Trajectory Reticle. This option only has a Normal/Inverted switch but should help if the trajectory setting feels a bit weird.

There are plenty of PC keybindings and buttons in Monster Hunter Rise, and inverting the camera controls is just one aspect of setting up the perfect controller format. Be sure to also check out the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for even more helpful guides to assist with your hunts.

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