Potential Armored Core screenshot leaks hint at possibility of a new game

Recently circulating images have fans hoping that FromSoftware may be working on Armored Core 6.


Many may not recall, but FromSoftware is more than just a vehicle for Soulsborne games (or it used to be). The studio was also the main developer behind the customizable mech action game Armored Core. It has been a very long time since an Armored Core game came out, but some fans have kept hope alive that FromSoftware might return to the franchise someday. If rumors turn out to be true, it may not be out of the realm of possibility. Recently shared images work has been put into a new Armored Core game.

Said images were shared in a recent thread started over on Resetera. According to the thread, these images came from a FromSoftware consumer survey which not only showed Dark Souls-like bosses, but also new images of mecha concepts and combat that looked very similar to Armored Core’s overall style. Further information from the alleged survey shared that whatever game FromSoftware is considering may mix the sci-fi world and highly customizable mech staples of the Armored Core franchise with Soulsborne style, meaning in-depth exploration and arena-like boss battles.

The last time a proper Armored Core game came out was when Armored Core 5 launched in 2012. The series has seen a few hints of a return every few years or so, such as the suggestion of multiple games coming in 2016 and Miyazaki teasing a series renaissance in 2018. However, none of these have yet come to fruition as FromSoftware has continued to work on games like Dark Souls, Sekiro, and the upcoming Elden Ring. There’s nothing to say this latest leak will lead to anything substantial either as FromSoftware is firmly focused on Elden Ring’s launch in February.

That said, when the dust settles on Elden Ring, maybe there will finally be room for an Armored Core return. If the thread and screenshots are anything to go by, it would appear that FromSoftware is interested in finding out what players want from a new Armored Core. If anything concrete comes of these rumors and leaks, we’ll follow up here at Shacknews.

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