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ShackMail 0.5

We've been talking about this for a while now, and now you can finally test it: ShackMail. No, we're not offering email addresses just yet but you can use it to check for emails on your POP3 mail server. Seeing how this is a first test, you can only check 1 account right now. This will possibly change in the future. Also, at the moment only registered users (If you arent registered, go here) can use this feature and this will probably remain the case. Go here to configure and then, get testing, send emails, whatever. Current issues (and this list will grow, I'm sure ;) )

- HTML emails. May either work, not work or show up horribly. Will add an option to change how the email is displayed later tonight.
- Empty email subjects. You can still click on the name to open the message.
- Depending on how anal your email server is, the program may lock you out. This probably only happens if you do mad reloads and such though. There will be an iframe option later so that not the entire page will hang while you wait.
- No Help. Soon!
- Attachments. You can't send them, you can't retreive them. Retreiving will probably be enabled at some point, sending I'm still undecided.
- Many emails. Yup, if you have 200 emails in your inbox the page loads slowly. There will be a page option, asap.

Security notes: Although security should be fine, I'll look into adding an option to check your email with SSL (same stuff used for credit card transactions) since we have a certificate on the server anyway. No email is stored on the Shack server. Once you close your connection it all goes *poof*. Nothing stored on Shack. Also, this leaves all your email on your email server unless you specifically choose to delete emails.

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