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Skull locations - Halo Infinite

Where to find all the skulls in Halo Infinite, including those only accessible in missions.


Halo Infinite has several skulls hidden around its vast space. There are skulls hidden away in missions and skulls tucked away in the free roam Zeta Halo. Players that want to unlock all the Achievements should start looking for the skulls right away, especially those that wish to take on the LASO challenge.

All skull locations

There are 12 skulls to find in Halo Infinite. Every skull offers a unique effect that can be switched on before you load into a save or start a new game. The skulls are account-based, meaning if you collect a skull on Save 1, you can still activate it on a fresh game in Save 2. To make it easier to locate the skulls in this open-world game, 343 Industries has made it so each skull makes a spooky noise, which gets louder the closer you get to it.

Skull locations and missable status
Skull Location Only accessible in a mission?
Boom Warship Gbraakon Yes
Cowbell Foundation Yes
Mythic The Nexus Yes
Grunt Birthday Party Repository Yes
Bandana Silent Auditorium Yes
Thunderstorm FOB Juliet No
Fog FOB Alpha No
Blind Carrera Squad No
IWHBYD The Tower No
Famine The Sequence No
Black Eye FOB Kilo No
Catch Zeta Halo north No

Boom – Can be missed

Effect: Doubles explosion radius

halo infinite boom skull warship gbraakon

The Boom skull is found during the first mission, Warship Gbraakon. Shortly after the first elevator you ride (which is where you’ll find a Spartan audio log) will be a long room with three elevators on your right that are moving crates up into the roof. The skull is in the middle section, on top of the stationary crate. Stand on the moving one to lift you up to it.

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Cowbell – Can be missed

Effect: Acceleration from explosions is increased.

halo infinite cowbell skull foundation
The skull is on the other side of this window, up high.

The Cowbell skull is found during the second mission, Foundation. Immediately after you collect the Weapon and take the elevator ride, you will exit into an anteroom where memories are playing out as Dr Halsey talks about John. Go up the ramp to come to a window looking out over a chasm.

Use the pillars on the side to Grappleshot up to the skull.

Go to the left and through the door and stop – the skull is directly above you in an overhang in the middle of the chasm. Use your Grappleshot on the pillars on the platform you’re on to reach the top of the room.

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Mythic – Can be missed

Effect: Enemies have increased health

halo infinite mythic skull the nexus
Go into the roof where the hexagon tubes turn right.

The Mythic skull is found during the mission, The Nexus. It is in the section where the long, hexagonal beams are passing through fiery force fields. Progress through the area until you encounter a group of enemies, a few Grunts, Sentinels, and a Brute. At this point, the hexagonal beams will rotate to the right and then go up vertically into the roof. The skull is above the corner where the beams turn right.

Look for the Forerunner door.

Use the grappleshot to climb up onto the beam and then again up into the hole in the roof. Continue up to the second layer of the hole to find a Forerunner door. Go through the door to find the Mythic skull sitting on a plinth.

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Grunt Birthday Party – Can be missed

Effect: Grunt headshots lead to glorious celebrations.

The Grunt Birthday Party skull is found during the mission, Repository. Continue through the mission until you reach a terminal where the Weapon plays a message from Escharum. At this point, you must collect a hidden Power Seed and take it to a hidden cradle.

halo infinite grunt birthday party skull repository
Take the Power Seed from the right over to the left.

The room with the terminal has four corners, with the light bridge connecting two corners. After the cutscene, the door in front of you will open and you will need to defeat some Banished. Now, use the Grappleshot to reach the door on your right. To do this, back up the way you came and use the parts of the structure that extend from the walls as a grapple point. Go inside, collect the Power Seed, and get back to the light bridge (you can use the grappleshot while holding a Power Seed).

You must now get the Power Seed to the door on the left. As you did before, use the Grappleshot while holding the Power Seed to swing to the other side using the jutting out part of the wall. Go through the door into the room to find the cradle on the right. Slot in the Power Seed and then continue the mission.

Use your Grappleshot to reach the window.

When you get to the section where the Weapon sees something out the window, you’ll be getting close. Follow the path up as it curves left and then right and into a large room with a massive structure separating the room diagonally. Go through the door on the side and go up the little ramp. You’ll be looking at a room with a small Forerunner box in the middle with two large beams on either side that go up to a window. There will be two Sentinel spawners on either side of the beams.

Watch out for the invisible Elites!

Use the Grappleshot to get up to the window, inside will be four Elites using Energy Swords and the Grunt Birthday Party skull. Grab the skull and get out (or defeat the Elites).

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Bandana – Can be missed

Effect: Grants unlimited weapon ammo and grenades, and removes equipment cooldown.

The Bandana skull is found during the mission, Silent Auditorium (even though the mission does not say it has a skull). To get this skull, you must not defeat any Sentinels – defeating a Sentinel will prevent you from picking up the skull.

halo infinite bandana skull silent auditorium
Don't kill any Sentinels. When you reach the light bridges, don't turn left.

Progress through the level until you reach the large room with the Sentinels – do not defeat them. Kill everything else (or run past everything) and continue on until you reach the part where you can extend two light bridges using a terminal (this is after meeting a familiar character).

The objective marker will direct you to walk left down the metal bridge with all the large statues on the sides. Instead of going left, go across the two light bridges to find an unlocked door. Inside the room will be some destroyed Sentinels and the skull (provided you didn’t kill any Sentinels).

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Effect: Upgrades the rank of most enemies.

halo infinite thunderstorm skull

The Thunderstorm skull is north of FOB Juliet, right on the edge of the area – if you’ve gone to the anti-aircraft guns you’ve gone too far. Look for the Forerunner beams in a group by the edge, to the left of the north beacon that you visit during The Sequence. There will be a hexagonal beam that is a bit taller than the ones around it. Climb to the top of it using the Grappleshot (you’ll see two dead Grunts on a lower platform) to find the skull.

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Effect: Disables motion tracker.

halo infinite fog skull

The Fog skull is located west of FOB Alpha. The skull is actually under the map and up inside a hidey-hole. To reach it, simply walk off the south side of the cliff and use your grappleshot to swing under the map. You may see the ledge it’s on as you fall down – there is a Sniper Rifle near it and some Grunt armor. If you miss the ledge, just land down on the lower section and work your way back up.

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Effect: HUD and weapon do not display onscreen.

halo infinite blind skull

The Blind skull is found south of Carrera Squad, who is west of FOB Hotel. The skull is in the thin ravine, below a massive boulder that has fallen and gotten stuck between the two areas, forming a sort of bridge. You can use the Grappleshot to reach it or fly to it using a vehicle. The skull is on the Forerunner hexagons in a nook.

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Effect: Rare combat dialogue becomes more common.

halo infinite IWHBYD skull
On top of The Tower is a stage, on which is the IWHBYD skull.

The IWHBYD skull is on top of The Tower. To reach it, you must either progress through the story until you find a Banshee you can steal or upgrade your Valor until you can using a Wasp. Fly back to The Tower and land on top. The skull is on a platform surrounded by speakers. Alternatively, use the Grappleshot to get on top. It requires a bit of tricky movement, so prepare for a challenge. You will need to climb up the beams and then try to fling yourself up and over the flip.

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Effect: Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo they normally would.

halo infinite famine skull

The Famine skull is located in the Reformation part of the ring, far to the east. It’s on a small island near the east beacon that you need to visit during the Sequence mission. Get over to the island by any means necessary (a Banshee or a Wasp helps) and look for the dead golden Elite on the east side – it’s holding the skull.

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Black Eye

Effect: Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies.

halo infinite black eye skull
Where the explosion is you will find a hole to crouch-walk through.

The Black Eye skull is located in the south of the map, in the Reformation area. The icon is in a lake, just northeast of FOB Kilo. This area is first accessible during the mission, The Sequence. You will need to find a small hole in the waterfall, through it is a cave with the skull.

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Effect: Enemies throw and drop more grenades.

halo infinite catch skull

The Catch skull is found in the far north of Zeta Halo, north of Outpost Tremonius. There is a landmass that is separate from the mainland with only a High Value Target on it. The skull itself is in the valley in the middle of the area and is defended by two Red Hunters and several Brute snipers. Either defeat the enemies or run in, grab the skull, and get out. The Catch skull is in a hollowed-out tree stump that's filled with marine helmets.

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Finding all of the skulls in Halo Infinite will take a bit of effort. For the skulls that are locked to missions, make sure you don’t miss them else you will need to restart the mission. Keep in mind that turning on a skull will deactivate Achievements (except for LASO), so don’t go turning them on if you plan to go hunting the Achievements. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Halo Infinite page for more information to help you do everything the game has to offer.

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