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Hasbro design and marketing team talk Ghostbusters Plasma Series

We had the chance to talk with the Hasbro team about the new Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler's Proton Pack.


We’re big fans of toys and collectibles here at Shacknews, and almost nobody does those things better than Hasbro. The team’s latest offerings include the Ghostbuster Plasma Series, which features products based on the latest entry in the blockbuster movie franchise. We got in touch with the design and marketing team at Hasbro to learn more about Spengler’s Proton Pack from the Ghostbusters Plasma Series.

Shacknews: First off, I’d like to congratulate the Hasbro team on your successful Haslab campaign. Really excited for you guys to see your hard work in such high demand. So, congratulations!

Shacknews: The HasLab Proton Pack attaches to the Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand that you released last year with a special connection hose. Will you be able to control the Proton Pack with the same Neutrona Wand? Or, are they 2 different electronics? Does the Wand have any control over the pack at all?

Shacknews: You opted for D-Cells batteries, just curious about the decision. Why not a rechargeable battery pack?

Shacknews: Until now fans have had to build their own Proton Pack with custom 3D printed or molded parts. Why is now the best time? Has Hasbro considered a full pack build before?

Shacknews: Can you go into detail about the Motherboard? How can it be removed? Will it be able to be removed?

Shacknews: With the success of this project, when will we get more Ghostbusters HasLab’s in the future? PKE? Ghost Trap?

Shacknews: Are you able to make the Cyclotron lights spin super-fast like in Afterlife?

Shacknews: How many metal components are actually being used on it?

Our chat with the Hasbro team was an exclusive insight into the creation of one of its hottest new products. If you want to see more of the Ghostbusters Plasma Series, we actually have an unboxing of character figures up on our YouTube channel.

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