Teardown's latest update adds 2nd half of campaign, robots, & catapults

There's a ton of new tools, levels, missions types, and more to discover in Teardown's latest major early access update.


Throughout the previous couple years, Teardown has been an absolute delight in Steam’s early access program, allowing players to pull of heists in highly manipulable voxel environments. It’s not out of early access just yet, but it did get another major new update that finishes the full campaign, adds robots and catapults, and allows players to engage if more mayhem than ever.

Tuxedo Labs launched the Teardown Version 0.9 update on December 2, 2021 on Steam. The big thing in this new update is adding on the second half of the campaign to complete the story of the game. That’s not all though. It also brings new tools, missions, characters, and locations, complete with all-new working robots. We’re talking straight-up operating voxelated ED209s from Robocop. You’ll have to operate around their machine guns and flamethrowers, but you can also run them over with large vehicles, pick them up with cranes, and mess around with them just like everything else in the game. Teardown Version 0.9 even includes new modding tools to create your own working robots and bring them to the Steam Workshop.

Teardown has been very enjoyable to follow in its continuing road through early access. We’ve had it on Indie-licious where it came to be one of the most delightful entries of our entire first year of the livestream show. It also won our Shacknews Best Early Access of 2020 award, and it’s only gotten better since then.

Based on what the Teardown devs at Tuxedo Labs wrote in their update developer blog, it would seem that Teardown won’t be in early access much longer. Version 0.9 will be one of the last big updates before release.

“We will take a few days where we focus on the reception of part 2 before we dive into the final stretch leading to the 1.0 release. Then it's back to work, getting Teardown ready to exit Early Access!” the devs wrote.

With that, it looks like we could be looking forward to Teardown’s Version 1.0 on Steam very soon. Stay tuned for further updates on when the game finally launches.

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