Vince Zampella is the new boss of the Battlefield franchise

Electronic Arts appears to be taking steps to create a cohesive vision for the series.


Battlefield 2042 has had a bit of a rocky launch. This is true for a lot of Battlefield games in recent years. While each one eventually has its wrinkles ironed out, it appears as if Electronic Arts is taking it one step further. In a major shake-up of the franchise, Vince Zampella of Respawn will be overseeing the development of a Battlefield universe.

According to a report by Chris Pereira of GameSpot on December 2, 2021, Electronic Arts is restructuring Battlefield to create a connected universe. Part of this restructuring will also involve Vince Zampella, known for his work at Respawn on Apex Legends and Titanfall, becoming the overall boss of the universe.

The report also notes that DICE GM Oskar Gabrielson is leaving the company to pursue a career outside of EA. Meanwhile, Marcus Lehto will be working to improve Battlefield 2042. Lehto, known for his work on the original Halo series, has recently started a studio in Seattle and will now be playing a part in expanding the storytelling of the Battlefield series.

In our review of Battlefield 2042, Chris Jarrard outlined the problems the game currently faces, noting in particular, “This mismanaged project clearly needed more time in the oven and a cohesive design that works to Battlefield’s strengths rather than a game attempting to be multiple things to multiple audiences.” With EA restructuring and having Zampella take the helm, hopefully this translates to a cohesive design across all aspects of the franchise, resulting in a better player experience.

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