Pokemon Unite brings Tsareena to the All-Rounder roster next week

Players who log in when Tsareena launches will be able to claim a temporary Pokemon License for the new character to try them out.


It seems like every few weeks or so, we’re seeing another Pokemon pulled from the vast resources of the Pokedex to join the roster in free-to-play MOBA, Pokemon Unite. Such is the case again soon as Tsareena joins the All-Rounder characters of the game. The character is set to launch next week and will not only be available to obtain, but those who log into Pokemon Unite on the day Tsareena launches will get themselves a free temporary Pokemon License to play the new character for a limited time.

Developer TiMi Studio Group revealed Tsareena for the Pokemon Unite roster via the game’s Twitter on December 3, 2021. Tsareena is dubbed the “Fruit Pokemon.” It has bulby hips and a long legs to deliver weighty kicks and elegant mobility. Its boisterous nature can also demoralize its opponents. This can be seen in its Trop Kick signature move, that not only damages opponents, but lower their attack in the main Pokemon series. Tsareena is set to launch in Pokemon Unite as its next update goes live on December 9, 2021. Logging in on that day will get you a temporary license to use Tsareena freely for a limited time.

With all of the elegance and power in Tsareena kicking style, you might think this Pokemon would be a Speedster, but it’s actually set to join the All-Rounder category of Pokemon Unite, meaning it will have a blend of offensive and defensive capabilities throughout the match. Tsareena comes just after fellow grass-type Pokemon Decidueye just joined the Pokemon Unite roster as well recently. That said, the bonus of being able to collect a temporary license on release day login is a new bonus for Pokemon Unite and an appealing one at that. It should be a pleasant chance to show players what the new character can do.

With Tsareena set to come with a new patch in Pokemon Unite next week, stay tuned for more further events and details as the update looms. We’ll have patch notes here at Shacknews as they become available.

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