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Shack Chat: Which video game character would you invite to Thanksgiving dinner?

The Shacknews staff ponders what video game characters would make the best guests at Thanksgiving dinner.


It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States, and the Shacknews staff is taking today and tomorrow off to spend time with family and friends. As great as it is to be surrounded by loved ones during the holidays, we couldn’t help but wonder what video game characters would make the perfect additions to our Thanksgiving table.

Question: Which video game character would you invite to Thanksgiving dinner?

Street Fighter 4's El Fuerte - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Turkey Editor

Here's the thing about Thanksgiving. The table's already crowded. There's no room for anybody else. So if somebody has to be added to the guest list, they'd better be able to cook. That's when this question, for me, turned into "Who can I invite over to actually help cook Thanksgiving dinner?"

The answer is Street Fighter 4's El Fuerte. When he's not dazzling his opponents with his Lucha Libre moves, he's in the kitchen whipping up some tasty dishes. Let's bring some Latin flavor into the Thanksgiving kitchen this year and invite El Fuerte through the door.

Munchlax - Donovan Erskine, Thanksgiving Pro

Having a Munchlax by my side at Thanksgiving would be incredibly convenient. The thing is practically a living garbage can and will consume practically anything. If a family member brings a dish that looks unappetizing, I can put it on my plate and feed it to Munchlax when nobody is paying attention. That way, nobody feels bad about their dish going untouched.

Ms.PAC-MAN - Blake Morse, Co-EIC

I respect anyone that can eat more than me, and Ms.PAC-MAN has an insatiable appetite. There would definitely be no leftovers to take home with the two of us around. It’s also been forever since I brought a date to a Thanksgiving dinner, so bringing a distinguished lady like her with me is bound to get my relatives to stop questioning me about when I’m gonna settle down and have kids. And when that bigoted family member says something racist or idiotic, you know he’d suddenly be on the menu. Ms.PAC-MAN would devour him with one big wakka-wakka-wakka of a chomp!

Birdo from SMB 2 - Chris Jarrard, Has the best opinions on staff

Oh, man. We’d get this bird freak in the yard and then chase it around until we can subdue it and then we’ll punch it in the stomach until it coughs up some of them eggs. We can use the eggs to make omelets and then we’ll deep fry that freak. If there’s one thing you can count on around Thanksgiving, it's that you can’t do better than a well-fried bird (even if it might be part dinosaur - nothing wrong with going a bit exotic for the Holidays).

Master Chief - Sam Chandler, It’s time the Chief had a good meal

Though I think TJ and Denny have managed to pick the ideal candidates for a Thanksgiving dinner, I might need to go another route. I’d love to have Master Chief at my table to thank him for the work he’s done in saving humanity countless times. I also think the bloke is long overdue for a rest and a good meal. So pop off that helmet, let me see your face, and let's start talking about everything you've seen and done.

Zoltan Chivay - Bill Lavoy, Not a Chef

TJ scooped up a great answer below mine, and I did consider the Meowscular Chef, but I’m going to go with Zoltan Chivay, someone who has spent a considerable amount of time with Geralt of Rivia. If you want to hear some wild Geralt stories, you don’t invite the man of few words directly, you invite his drunk friend who rode shotgun on many of his adventures. And, if Zoltan chooses not to spill the beans on Geralt, you know that the two of you will at least knock back 14 wobbly pops each.

Meowscular Chef - TJ Denzer feasts on good news

There is only one correct answer for me because I get giddy every time I see him work. It’s Meowscular Chef from Monster Hunter World. This Palico not only prepares the most delicious of gourmet-looking dishes, but those dishes give those who eat them special attributes and gains to go clash with titans (plus he’s still a Palico, making him equal parts badass and cute as a button).

Think about your typical Thanksgiving dinner. It’s pretty hearty food, but mostly it just makes us gain weight and get tired. I’d rather have the freaking cool chef whose food will not only taste delicious but also give me the oomph to go swing giant swords at dragons. Plus, watching Meowscular Chef and his assistants work is just cooking poetry in motion. Monster Hunter World is filled to the brim with cool things and there are still few things in it cooler than watching this cool cat prepare a feast.

Mimir from God of War - Dennis White, Social Media/Community Manager

I love a good story around the dinner table and Mimir has a ton of them to tell. Also, since he’s just a head at this point, you don’t even have to worry about him eating all of the food. Definitely a win-win if you ask me. I think the guy has to have at least one ancient recipe that the Gods would be proud of and I’m trying to add it to my repertoire.

Kirby - Asif Khan, Shacknews Luminary/Lola’s Assistant

I don’t really get to eat anything crazy for Thanksgiving, so I would love to cook up a massive feast for Kirby and watch him vacuum it down in a few seconds. We could watch football afterward and probably play Switch. I would let him try out my Mario Maker 2 levels. He’s probably great at platformer games.

Those are the video game characters that we would like to see at the table for Thanksgiving dinner. We'd love to hear your answers in the Chatty replies down below!

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