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GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition has an unfinished VR mode

This may be a buggy glimpse of the San Andreas VR recently announced to be in the works at Facebook/Meta.


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition’s launch was an absolute disasterpiece, but a little bit after, dataminers and other technical folk are finding interesting things in the game, such as an unfinished VR mode. Recently, players discovered a debug command that turns on the mode, putting the game in first-person and seemingly featuring what would be activity reasonable for a VR user.

It was Ben Turpin of Rockstarintel who shared details and proof of the GTA Trilogy VR mode via his Twitter recently. Reportedly, by entering a certain debug Unreal command, players can shift Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas into a first-person VR perspective. It’s as buggy as anything else in the game and is still operated by controller, but very much seems to be built for operation on a VR headset. Given that Meta (formerly Facebook) recently announced it was working on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR, this very well may be a prototype that was accidentally left in the Definitive Edition Trilogy’s code.

There’s no release window on Meta’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR as of yet and it could be very, very different from what we see in in the debug option of the tremendously buggy GTA Trilogy. In fact, it wouldn’t even be the first time something unintended was left in the Definitive Edition Trilogy. Early PC buyers may recall that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition crashed the whole Rockstar Games launcher for a time, and even when it came back, Rockstar still had to delay putting the Definitive Edition back to remove some unintended music files. That’s besides the fact that the new collection was such a mess that Rockstar had to openly apologize.

Even so, it looks like there are still some interesting details to discover in this fracas. If this is our first glimpse at what GTA: San Andreas VR might look like, it’s an interesting one in absence of an actual release window so far.

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