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How to swap grenades - Halo Infinite

Swap grenades in Halo Infinite to take advantage of different types of explosives.


Swapping your grenades in Halo Infinite is a critical mechanic to understand. It might just be a press of a button, but what it allows you to do is utilize the different types of explosives you’ll find as you play. Whether you’re fighting through the campaign or playing a multiplayer game, start swapping grenades and try out something other than a frag.

How to swap grenades

halo infinite swap grenades pc keyboard mouse
PC players that use a keyboard can use the N and B keys to switch grenades.

Halo Infinite features four different types of grenades, with players only able to carry two types at a time. For this reason, swapping grenades is needed in order to achieve different results. To swap grenades press left on the D-pad if playing with controller or use the N and B key when using a keyboard and mouse to cycle to the next and previous grenade, respectively. These buttons can be changed via the Settings. This knowledge should come in handy as you work your way up the Halo Infinite Ranks.

halo infinite switch grenades controller
When using a controller, press left on the D-pad to switch grenades.

In multiplayer, you will always spawn with standard, fragmentation grenades. These are great at knocking off an opponent’s shield or bouncing them around corners, but the other grenades have their own strengths. The Plasma grenade sticks to an enemy player or vehicle and only has a tiny bounce when it hits a wall or stationary object, making it a great choice when you want to drop a ‘nade on a specific location.

Originally introduced in Halo 3, the Brute Spike grenade has made its return. This thing doesn’t bounce at all and instead sticks to any surface or player. After a short pause, spikes will blast out in a cone, shredding anything it’s attached to or anything unlucky enough to be in the blast. A well-placed Spike grenade can blast an opponent that’s hiding around a corner or act as a trap for a pursuing opponent.

Finally the dynamo grenade – you will want to switch to this one. This grenade doesn’t explode in a typical sense, instead, it bounces around arcing out electricity. It will knock out an enemy’s shield and even acts as an EMP against a vehicle, disabling it for a brief time.

Switching grenades in Halo Infinite is simple, though it might be tough if you’re using a keyboard and haven’t scrolled through the numerous control and keybinding options. Be sure to check out our Halo Infinite page for more guides as we dive deeper into 343 Industries’ latest entry in the franchise.

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