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Does Halo Infinite have multiplayer split-screen?

Halo is a franchise known for its split-screen, so is the feature in multiplayer yet?


Halo Infinite surprise launched its multiplayer on November 15, 2021, and huge amounts of players have been digging into the game over the last several days. Many of those players are Halo fans, and thus are used to the idea of Halo having split-screen support. In this guide, we’ll go over whether Halo Infinite has multiplayer split-screen available.

Does Halo Infinite have multiplayer split-screen?

Halo Infinite does not currently have multiplayer split-screen, but we expect the feature to be added in the future. There are many reports of Xbox players having trouble when they plug in a second controller, and potential workarounds are unofficial and wonky at best. In fact, there is no mention of split-screen in the Xbox menus at all, which is a clear indication that it’s not meant to be in there just yet.

On PC, Halo Infinite doesn’t currently have official split-screen support, but PC players are resourceful and there are reports of folks getting it to work via unofficial methods. For our purposes, though, we’re sticking with what’s official, and as of right now Halo Infinite doesn’t have multiplayer split-screen for either Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or PC.

This seems like a miss for Halo Infinite. Not only is the co-op version of the campaign not coming until 2022, but we’re also left with a multiplayer mode that friends can’t play split-screen from the couch. There is little doubt that split-screen play will be coming to Halo Infinite multiplayer at some point. It must. The feature is a huge part of Halo’s history, and it would be silly for the developers not to make it happen at some point. Right now, we don’t know when that will be, but judging by how badly the feature is wanted, we can hope that official support will arrive sooner rather than later.

Halo Infinite multiplayer doesn’t have official split-screen support right now, but we’re confident that it will arrive in the future. Until that time, why don’t you dig into some of our other guides over at the Halo Infinite topic on Shacknews.


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