Unboxing & Review: WD_BLACK D30 Game Drive SSD for Xbox

Our Video Editor Greg Burke takes a closer look at Western Digital's newest external drive for new Xbox and PlayStation consoles.


The latest generation of game consoles is incredibly impressive from a technical and design standpoint. Making use of the latest and greatest in graphics and storage technology to deliver better-looking and faster-loading games like never before, the Xbox Series X|S consoles are capable of real next-generation gaming experiences. The only real downside to the new consoles is the lack of storage space afforded by their built-in SSDs. 

The folks over at Western Digital understand that, sometimes, you just need lots of space for your game installs. With total occupied space eclipsing 100GB in some games, many gamers will take all the extra storage headroom they can afford. Western Digital’s new WD_BLACK D30 external drive offers expanded storage for Xbox consoles and, as luck would have it, our own Greg Burke got a chance to unbox and test this new device.

The WD_BLACK D30 is available in 500GB capacity (WD offers additional D models with higher capacity). The external drive connects to the new consoles (or your PC) using a USB Type-C cable. The drives within the enclosures are Western Digital SSDs with speeds of up to 900 MB/s (though maximum speeds will likely be limited by the USB transfer interface). With the new consoles only offering 500GB or 1TB of SSD capacity, external solutions like the D30 will ensure that you don’t have to keep playing musical chairs with your favorite game installs.

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