Weekend Discussion - November 14, 2021

We're taking the weekend home with the latest from Rainbow Six Extraction, this weekend's esports tournaments, and more.


It's the end of another weekend, Shacknews, but the world doesn't stop turning just because it's Sunday. You'll notice that I'm not Sam Chandler. The lack of an Australian accent and boomerang clearly gave me away. We're going to have some fun regardless for this Weekend Discussion, as Sam returns next week.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

I remember the first time I attended an in-person FGC event, so this is a treat for young Donovan, who gets to cover Red Bull Kumite and the fighting game world's increasing return to normalcy. Expect to hear more about this on Monday, as well as on the next edition of Wide World of Electronic Sports.

Prepare for 'Extraction'

The Rainbow Six Siege Sweden Major wrapped up today and the final day of competition meant the usual batch of surprises from Ubisoft Montreal. "Wait a minute," you might be saying. "Didn't we already hear about the next Siege update?"

We certainly did, which is why Sunday was dedicated to what's coming up for Rainbow Six Extraction, including new details on post-launch and endgame content. Please take a look.

Rainbow Six Extraction will release on January 20. Learn more about by catching up with our recent coverage.

Today in Electronic Sports

Let's follow up on what we've talked about already. Red Bull Kumite is wrapping up today:

We had the finals of Rainbow Six Siege's Sweden Major:

Beyond the Smash's Mainstage 2021 event bring you the best of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Last, but not least, we're getting to the nitty gritty of the Classic Tetris World Championship, as the Top 8 has begun!

Be sure to tune into Wide World of Electronic Sports this and every Monday at 6:40 p.m. ET (3:40 p.m. PT) on the Official Shacknews Twitch Channel.

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

The majestic bald eagle

From Chatty's own helvetica, check out this lovely nature photo of America's proudest birds.


Our own Asif Khan took part in this chat about GameStop ($GME) and stonks.

Run, Barry, Run!

Earlier this week, we got treated to this inspiring footage.

And, of course, the internets being what they are, everyone ran with this.

Mario is the fastest plumber alive.

Today in the National Football League

Of course a touchdown celebration is going to be the highlight of the Chargers' day.

Dunkey on Far Cry 6

End your weekend with some Dunkey as he looks at Far Cry 6.


AEW Full Gear was last night and it ended one of the best wrestling stories I've seen since Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30. Sentimental favorite "Hangman" Adam Page had the match of his life against "Best Bout Machine" Kenny Omega for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. Let's look at Hangman's entrance first.

Anybody who has been watching AEW since Dynamite premiered in 2019 is aware of the running gag with Hangman's chyron, which always has a different smartass crack from the graphics team every time. So it was hard not to get a tear in your eye upon seeing "WE'RE PROUD OF YOU" -GRAPHICS TEAM.

After 25 minutes, Hangman pulled it off, beating former tag team partner and best friend Omega to win his first world championship and become a bonafide top guy. The other familiar element of Hangman's arc has been his descent into drinking. At first, it was a fun "Steve Austin" kind of beer guzzling badass bit, but it was eventually revealed that Hangman was drinking to drown out the negativity over losing his friends.

So when Hangman won and it was time to celebrate with a beer... he realized he didn't need it anymore.

Hangman went from sad loner drunk to making new friends, starting a new family, and winning his first world championship, which all brings "Hangman the Sad Drunk" to an end forever. Don't believe what the critics tell you, people. Professional wrestling can be Shakespeare.

Tonight in video game music

On Friday, I checked out The Video Game Metal Shredventure tour over in Los Angeles. There was a young lady in attendance who posted some videos from the show on Twitter and, as it turns out, she's pretty talented herself. Check out Lacey Johnson's metal cover of Kraid's Lair from the original Metroid!

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