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The Xbox Twitter account is mysteriously down right now

Where did the Xbox Twitter account go? When will it be back? It's all a mystery.


It would appear that someone has pushed the wrong button and made the official Xbox Twitter account disappear. But how exactly did it disappear? No one really knows at the moment, but there is one lead.

Right now, at the time of this post, if you try to head over to Xbox’s official Twitter page, you’ll get a message that the account doesn’t exist. It would seem Microsoft’s video game console has no presence on social media site, but this is bound to be some technical hiccup of some sort and can’t last forever. If his Twitter account is to be believed, Xbox's own Community Manager Josh “Steinekin” Stein may have done something accidentally behind the scenes and is trying to fix it.

How long will the Xbox Twitter account be down? It’s hard to say, but a brand as big as Xbox will probably get their account looked at faster than your aunt who posts all those cringey memes. It’s been an odd day for Xbox news, which also announced a $10,000 Gucci Xbox Series X earlier today. We’ll be sure to keep up to date on all of the company’s shenanigans and hopefully we’ll be back to liking and retweet their content soon enough.

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