Pokemon Unite teases Decidueye in future update

The avian archer Pokemon Decidueye is set to make an appearance in Pokemon Unite soon.


TiMi Studio Group continues to sift through the Pokemon roster and bring some of the coolest pocket monsters to its free-to-play MOBA. It looks like we can expect Decidueye to make an appearance in Pokemon Unite’s roster soon, likely bringing another ranged melee fighter into play.

TiMi Studio Group teased Decidueye’s arrival in the game in a post on the Pokemon Unite Twitter on November 8, 2021. Though they don’t say outright that Decidueye is coming to the game or will be playable, it’s a pretty easy guess to make, given the tease.

“Nock nock! Who is that flying true like an arrow in the Pokemon UNITE arena?,” the post reads.

This makes it pretty abundantly clear that the character in question is most certainly going to be Decidueye.

Decidueye is a third-level evolution of Rowlet and Dartrix from the seventh generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Moon, and one of three starters for those games alongside Litten to Incinaroar and Popplio to Primarina. A Grass/Ghost type combination Pokemon, Decidueye is a tall, owl-looking Pokemon that is able to pluck and fire arrow quills from its wings like an archer with alarming speed and accuracy. It is also able to use its ghost status to hide itself from enemies and then ambush them. Given this style, it seems likely that Decidueye will be a ranged melee combatant with the capability of surprise-attacking foes. With that in mind, it’s also likely to be in Pokemon Unite’s Speedster or Attacker class of Pokemon roles.

If added to the roster, Decidueye will be the 22nd Pokemon added to the game, following Greedent in late October. We still have only a tease to go off at this time. As we await further details such as a reveal of in-game model, attacks, and release date, stay tuned here at Shacknews for the latest updates on Decidueye in Pokemon Unite.

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