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Evening Reading - November 5, 2021

Before we turn all the clocks back, let's jump into some Evening Reading for this Friday night.


Greetings, all, and a Happy November to you all! There's no trick-or-treating this weekend, but hopefully you all have a lot of leftover candy to feast on. If not, run to Target, I'm sure they have some fun sized Reese's left. Let's jump into this Friday edition of Evening Reading!

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And, because it's the weekend, go find yourself something to play!

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

Time to play the game!

Did I mention that the Weekend PC Download Deals feature is up and features a nice pre-order deal on Elden Ring?

Who dies in a pineapple under the sea?

Come back in January, where we'll determine where Elden Ring fits?

He's mad about the birthday party

If this dynamic is odd to the SMT/Persona fanbase, imagine being an outsider. We need a whole primer on this thing.

How I Met Your Nintendo

Truly, this is "A Christmas Story" for aging millennials!

Cat content

You can't kill that which is not alive... or dead... or both.

Please observe the championship parade speed limit

To be fair, if the bus drops below 30 MPH, it explodes.

Fun with game dev

We really need more games with disembodied heads just randomly breaking out into song.

The sounds of the underworld

There was a lot (and I mean A LOT) that was great about Hades. The music was certainly one of its better qualities. That's why we're dropping in on the latest Nintendo Minute, where Kit and Krysta chat with composer (and also voice of Zagreus) Darren Korb about the making of Hades' soundtrack and also take a virtual tour of his music studio. You even get to meet the voices of Cerberus!


If you need it, ask for it.

Get well soon, Mox!

And a late addition, because over on Rampage, "PLATINUM" MAX F'N CASTER has left me deceased!

Oh, and one more late addition, because about an hour before this ER's post, CM Punk and Eddie Kingston reminded me of why I still love and watch this chereographed pseudo sport at 38 years old!

Take my money! Take it!

Tonight in video game music

We're blasting off into Super Mario Galaxy with tonight's track. This is "Gusty Garden Galaxy," a collaboration of The Icarus Kid's production with the piano prowess of 88bit. Enjoy!

There's your Evening Reading to send you into this first Saturday of November. Remember that in certain parts of the United States, it's time to turn the clocks back an hour. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

What are you planning to do with that extra hour, readers? Join the conversation and let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment thread below.

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