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How to send Pikmin on Expeditions - Pikmin Bloom

Start sending your Pikmin on Expeditions in Pikmin Bloom so you can get more items.


Sending your Pikmin on Expeditions in Pikmin Bloom is a great way to get more seeds and fruit. When you first start the game, working out how to go on an Expedition can be a bit confusing, as you’re still learning the basics. With a little bit of effort, you’ll find yourself sending your Pikmin off every day on an Expedition (or maybe several!).

How to send Pikmin on Expeditions

Before you can send your Pikmin on Expeditions, you must unlock Expeditions by reaching Level 6. You will no doubt be hearing about Expeditions prior to reaching this level, which is likely where some of the confusion can start. However, once at Level 6, you can go on an Expedition by following these steps:

  1. Go to the main menu in Pikmin Bloom
  2. Scroll to the top where the map and step counter are located
  3. Look for the notification at the top of the map saying, “You have expeditions!”
  4. Tap the notification to see your available Expeditions
  5. Select an item you want your Pikmin to go and collect
  6. Tap “To expedition”
  7. Select which Pikmin to send or choose “Auto”
  8. Tap “Go” once enough Pikmin are selected (bigger items need more Pikmin)
pikmin bloom how to send pikmin on expeditions
The image on the right shows the other Expedition icon.

You can also find the available Expeditions by using the whistle to get your Pikmin’s attention and then pressing the small fruit and seedling icon at the top of the screen.

As for assigning Pikmin on an Expedition, you can choose the automatic method, but it’s a good idea to do it manually if you want to improve the relationship status of specific Pikmin. When your relationship improves with Pikmin, they’re more likely to bring you things like fruit, seedlings and even postcards.

Each Expedition will also take a certain amount of time. The closer an item is to your current location the less time it will take for your Pikmin to retrieve it. Items further away will take your Pikmin hours to retrieve, maybe even days.

How to find more Expeditions

pikmin bloom more expeditions
You will find more Expeditions as you go out for walks while using Pikmin Bloom. Another way is to use the Detector if you're stuck at home!

If you run out of Expeditions, you will need to find more. In order to get more Expeditions, you can take a stroll around your neighborhood or other areas. As you walk around, fruit and seedlings will appear on your map – these are Expeditions.

In the event you can’t get outside to find more Expeditions, you can use the Detector. Go to the main menu and tap the compass icon down the bottom. Tap the radar icon on the right-hand side to bring up the Detector. Tap the Use button to start detecting nearby items. The Detector can only be used so many times before it goes on cooldown. You can wait for it to recharge or recharge it using coins.

Sending your Pikmin on Expeditions is one of the best ways to get new fruit and seedlings in Pikmin Bloom. You’ll find new Expeditions as you’re out and about walking around or if you use the handy Detector. Remember that the further an item is from you, the longer it will take for your Pikmin to get it. Stop by our Pikmin Bloom page for some more help and tips!

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