Oculus Quest users will soon be able to delete their Facebook account & transfer VR purchases

The subject of Facebook accounts and Oculus Quest has been unclear, but answers appear to be forming.


There has been a lot of confusion in regards to the future for Oculus users. With Facebook undergoing a complete identity overhaul from top to bottom, Oculus Quest owners have understandably had questions over what they will and won't be able to do with or without a Facebook login or a login to whatever Mark Zuckerberg decides to call the company in a month. For now, at least one thing looks to be clear: Those who want to unlink or delete their Facebook accounts from Quest can still keep their purchases. At least, that's the story for now.

UploadVR's Ian Hamilton made sure to ask the question of Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth on Twitter. Bosworth soon replied that users would indeed be able to unlink or delete Facebook accounts from their Quest and still be able to keep their software purchases.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this answer is subject to change again. On Thursday, Zuckerberg noted that the newly-dubbed Meta was working on a new Quest headset that would not require a Facebook login. Although it should be noted that the wording in Thursday's keynote was fairly vague and could be up for interpretation.

That move comes just months after it was announced that Facebook logins would be required for new Oculus users. Really, who knows what will happen by this time next year? With a simple shift in semantics, Quest owners may need a new Meta login. You know, for their new Meta Quest.

Because the answers to whether Facebook, Meta, or whatever logins will be required for Quest seem to change regularly, this is going to be a story worth following. Keep it on Shacknews for the latest updates. And, if you're coming out from under a rock or were in a day-long coma, you might want to catch up on everything that came out of Facebook Connect 2021.

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