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KartRider: Drift racing to PlayStation 4 in 2022

A new free-to-play kart racer is on its way to PlayStation.


Wednesday's PlayStation State of Play presentation continued with a look at the free-to-play racer known as KartRider Drift, which looks like it's making its way to PlayStation 4.

For the uninitiated, KartRider: Drift touts itself as an arcade-style free-to-play kart racer with cross-platform play. Of course, the best way to boast cross-platform play is to have multiple platforms to play on. The game is expected to release soon on PC and Xbox One, but now it looks like the PlayStation will be joining that list of platforms shortly after.

According to a post on PlayStation.Blog, a closed beta is on its way with two game modes available. Item Mode will see players race around tracks and try to upend their opponents using various items scattered around the field. For the moment, there are over 15 items, each of which affects the race in different ways. Those looking for more of a finesse race can take part in Speed Mode, which removes the gimmickry of items and instead utilizes speed boosts. Seven playable characters, each with different outfit pieces, will be available over the course of the KartRider: Drift beta. In total, over 100 karts are planned for the full version of the game, along with more than 150 character outfits.

KartRider: Drift is coming to PS4 in 2022. If you're looking to jump into the action earlier than that, the closed beta is set to begin on Wednesday, December 8.

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