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Live out your hoverbike dreams with the A.L.I. XTurismo

A Japanese startup is offering a nifty new hoverbike that can run for up to forty minutes per charge.


If you were to ask any random person on the street to name the three coolest things they could think of, virtually every subject would answer explosions, the artist formerly known as Prince, and hoverbikes. Thanks to a Japanese startup named A.L.I. Technologies, your dreams of being the coolest person on your block now have a statistical chance of becoming reality. The company has taken the wraps off of the XTurismo Limited Edition, a fully functioning hoverbike that will set you back close to a million dollars.

The XTurismo officially went on sale earlier today in Japan and packs a conventional combustion engine with four electric motors to propel riders at speeds up to 62mph (that’s roughly 100kph for those who don’t live in backwards countries!). The bike is available in a black and red paint job that would be simultaneously perfect for late-night runs to Popeye’s or for infiltrating nefarious furturecorp headquarters with your fellow Yakuza ninja army. Okay, maybe not for drive-thru runs as the XTurismo is not legally allowed to be used on public roadways.

"Until now the choice has been to move on the ground or at scale in the sky. We hope to offer a new method of movement," A.L.I. Chief Executive Daisuke Katano told Reuters.

The startup has previously received funding from heavyweights such as Kyocera and Mitsubishi Electric. A.L.I. and its investors are hoping that the XTurismo will be a success and position Japanese companies at the forefront of the upcoming autonomous vehicle boom.

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