Bossa Studios interview: Cutting into Surgeon Simulator

We sat down to interview the team who made heart transplants as fun as a barrel of monkeys.


Way back in 2013, when the independent gaming boom was just starting to hit its stride, a team of developers created a goofy surgery game as part of the 48-hour Global Game Jam. The game did so well that the group spent the next few months fleshing it out (get it?) into a full-blown retail game. It launched that summer under the name Surgery Simulator 2013 and became an instant hit on Steam. The team responsible goes by the name Bossa Studios. Bossa continued to crank out hits such as I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator 2, which launched just last year.

Our Video Editor Greg Burke got a chance to sit down with Luke Williams, Lead Designer at Bossa Studios, and the pair spoke about the genesis of the Surgeon Simulator series and the formation of Bossa itself.

The official synopsis of Surgeon Simulator 2 from the game’s Steam store page lays out the stakes for prospective players:

Bob’s life is in your hand! It’s time to slip into your scrubs and grab the nearest scalpel (saw or sink plunger), and enter the Bossa Labs Medical Facility in this 1-4 player physics based operating theatre of chaos. Take on the cream of the medical establishment in riotous competitive challenges. Play frantically blood splattered coop games or go solo in Surgeon Simulator 2’s rib-tickling Campaign Mode. Wanting to inject some creativity? Jump into the Creation Mode and build brand new game levels on your own or team up to build something amazing with multiplayer creation tools. From head transplants and leg amputations, to dancing games and relay races, at Bossa Labs, you choose your own way to play!

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