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Blackrock Locker Key locations - The Long Dark

Find all Blackrock Locker Key locations in Episode 4: Fury, Then Silence of The Long Dark.


Hinterland loves to hide little secrets in The Long Dark’s story mode with side quests and objectives. In Episode 4: Fury, Then Silence, you’re given the Blackrock Lockers mission, tasking you with finding three keys scattered about Blackrock. You must then bring them back to Blackrock Penitentiary to open three lockers. The rewards are generally worth it, so here’s where you can find each of the three Blackrock Locker Keys.

Blackrock Locker Key #2

Blackrock Locker Key 2 Location
You can get the first key very early in Episode 4, right after you head out to find medical supplies.

Blackrock Locker Key #2 can be found near Blackrock Penitentiary. If you’re looking at the map, it’s north of the prison yard if you view north as up and south as down. You’ll find a dead prison guard in the snow outside the walls and down a hill. If you search their body, you’ll receive Blackrock Locker Key #2.

Blackrock Locker Key #3

Blackrock Locker Key 3 Location
This key is easily obtained by doing a little exploring once you leave the prison for the first time.

You can find Blackrock Locker Key #3 at the Barn location to the south of Blackrock Penitentiary. The Barn has a truck parked in it and several wolves in the area. Head into the barn and get into the truck. When you search the Glove Box, you’ll find Blackrock Locker Key #3.

Blackrock Locker Key #8

Blackrock Locker Key 8 Location
Grab this key right after solving the steam puzzle and breaking the machine.

The final Blackrock Locker Key is found after a major moment in the story. Once you complete the steam puzzle and smash the machine, follow the tunnels to leave the area. You’ll walk into a stairwell but, before you go up the stairs, look beside them. There will be a container on the ground that has Blackrock Locker Key #8 in it.

Once you have all three keys, head back to the Blackrock Officer Barracks. There will be a set of locks in the room next to where all the beds are. Not the kitchen, not the bathroom, but the room you pass through to go up the stairs to the roof. If you have all three keys, which you will if you followed this guide, open the three lockers that weren’t accessible before. Doing this will complete a mission called Blackrock Lockers, which is one step closer to you achieving 100 percent completion on Episode 4.

Now that you know the location of all three Blackrock Locker Keys, and you’ve completed the Blackrock Locker mission, you can head over to The Long Dark topic page. We’ve got some additional guides there, and we often write about the latest news with both Hinterland and The Long Dark.


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