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ShackStream: Exploring the deserts of Icarus with the devs

Join Sam and the devs from RocketWerkz as they attempt to survive Icarus' desert biome.


Today we’ve got a special ShackStream with the developers from RocketWerkz, the crew behind Icarus. In today’s late-night stream, you’ll see Sam and the devs take to the new desert biome in Icarus in an attempt to explore, survive, and hopefully complete a mission and get out with their lives. The fun kicks off at 10:00 p.m. PT / 1:00 a.m. ET this evening. Catch the stream below!

ShackStream: Icarus with RocketWerkz

Icarus is a brand-new game from RocketWerkz, a team of developers situated over in New Zealand, helmed by Dean Hall – the man behind DayZ. In Icarus, players are tasked with dropping to the planet where they will need to find resources, build structures, and survive all manner of threats. Outside of pure survival, the goal is to retrieve exotic material and send it back to the orbiting station and complete a variety of missions.

As part of the game’s ongoing development, the team has been utilizing a series of beta weekends to focus-test some specific areas of the game. This weekend the main focus was on the new desert biome, which offered a host of new challenges for players. Not only does the extreme heat impact your character’s thirst, but the scarce resources means pre-planning is critical. Even the cold nights must be accounted for.

Right now, players who pre-order Icarus on Steam can look forward to a couple more beta weekends. These weekends actively help the devs improve the game prior to its launch. Check out the Icarus Twitter page for more updates and read over my interview with Dean Hall, where we discuss how Icarus sets itself apart from other titles in the survival genre, among many other things.

Without the continued support of the Shacknews community, streams like this wouldn’t be possible. Whether you’re keeping us company in chat or just zoning out with us on in the background, it means the world. If you want to support us further, link your Amazon Prime to Twitch and use your free monthly sub to support the channel!

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