How multiplayer works - House of Ashes

Start a co-op multiplayer campaign session of House of Ashes so you don't have to experience the horrors alone.


Much like the other titles in the Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes lets friends play a unique type of multiplayer experience. For those that are new to the series, or perhaps have forgotten, here’s a lowdown of how multiplayer works in House of Ashes and how to set up the perfect couch co-op experience.

How to set up a co-op House of Ashes session

house of ashes play co-op
Use the tickets to enter each players name, add more players, and then move to assigning characters when you're ready.

Multiplayer in House of Ashes works by allowing players to swap a controller between hands if playing in the same room, or taking turns if playing online. Setting up a multiplayer session in House of Ashes, can be a bit odd, especially if you’re not sure how the ticket UI works. To play multiplayer, follow these steps:

  1. Select Don’t Play Alone
  2. Select Movie Night if your friends are in the room with you or Shared Story if playing online
  3. Select New Story
  4. Select a slot
  5. Add Player 1’s name to the first ticket
  6. Add Player 2’s name to the second ticket
    1. The third ticket is used to add additional players
  7. Select the last ticket labelled “Ready” to start assigning characters
  8. Take turns selecting which character each player will control or press appropriate button to Auto Assign
  9. Use the bottom ticket labelled Ready to start the House of Ashes co-op story

How multiplayer works in House of Ashes

house of ashes how multiplayer works

Unlike other multiplayer games, you don’t all play at once in House of Ashes. Instead, you will take turns with the other people you’re playing with. During the shared experience, the game will pause and tell you which player gets to play now! Pass the controller along and help them make the right decisions to keep all the characters alive. If you're playing online, you will just need to wait for the other player to take control.

Playing House of Ashes co-op is easy, though the setup process is a bit odd at first. Once it’s all sorted, and you understand how multiplayer works, you’ll be working with your friends to survive the horrors that lie below. Be sure to check out the Shacknews House of Ashes page for more coverage of Supermassive Games’ latest title.

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