Pokemon Unite brings Greedent's berry-munching belly flops to the roster this week

Greedent will be grabbing berries and rapid-fire spitting seeds as a Defender in Pokemon Unite starting this week.


One of the best parts about Pokemon Unite is the sheer amount of pocket monsters the developers can draw from for fun new characters. This week, we get another addition for the Defender category. It’s Greedent! This berry-loving squirrel-like Pokemon is ready to jump and belly flop into the Pokemon Unite roster this week as part of the game’s Halloween festivities.

Developer TiMi Studios did the formal spotlight of Greedent on its YouTube channel and Twitter on October 19, 2021. According to the details below the video, Greedent is a Defender-class Pokemon. A berry-loving rascal, Greedent can throw a stockpile of berries into the field, picking them up to eat and restore health. It can also spit out the seeds in a rapid-fire line while moving, damaging foes as it moves to either chase after them or retreat. Need to disorient enemies? Greedent has a move where it kicks around a berry, doing short knockups on enemies it hits. It’s also a Pokemon capable of throwing weight around. Its Unite move looks like a big belly flop that will knock foes into the air while damaging them if caught in the area of effect.

Greedent is another addition to the Defender class of Pokemon Unite, which previously included Crustle, Snorlax, Slowbro, and the recently-added Blastoise and Mamoswine. With its arrival in Pokemon Unite on October 20, 2021 on both Switch and mobile devices, Greedent will be the 21st Pokemon added to the game.

As an entirely free-to-play game, Pokemon Unite has been a fun use of the Pokemon license, allowing Pokemon fans to take part in MOBA-style fun. You can check out our Shacknews review to learn more, or stay tuned for more changes and updates coming to the game as Greedent goes live on the roster this week.

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