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Change your character in Back 4 Blood so you can use a different Cleaner's team effects.


Changing your character in Back 4 Blood isn’t as simple as you might assume. There’s no clear way to change your Cleaner while out on a mission, which is a shame if you want to take advantage of different team effects. Thankfully, there is a way to pick another character so you can try out different strategies in future campaign runs.

How to change characters

back 4 blood change character
You can choose which character to use when at Fort Hope or when starting a new campaign.

To change your character in Back 4 Blood, go to Fort Hope, open up the Settings menu (Esc on PC),  and choose Character Select. Here you can choose which character is the one you want to use (make sure you know how to unlock more characters). Unfortunately, once you start a campaign and pick a character, you cannot change this character. The only way to use a different character is to start an entirely new campaign.

change character back 4 blood
If you've already started a campaign with one character, you cannot change to another. You must start a new campaign to use a different Cleaner.

This means that if you start a run as Holly, you must see it through until the end. You can’t take a different Cleaner into that campaign run. This is obviously a bit frustrating for those players who get stuck and realize they need a better team composition. It would be great if you could change your Cleaner halfway through an Act or campaign, but then there’s the problem that unlocking outfits requires campaign completions as certain characters and swapping halfway through would likely cause problems.

Changing your character in Back 4 Blood takes a bit of effort. Right now, you cannot change your Cleaner while in a safe house – you must do it while in Fort Hope or when starting a fresh campaign. This means that when you start a campaign, the character you choose will be locked in until the run ends. Check out the Shacknews Back 4 Blood page for more help with surviving Turtle Rock’s latest zombie-killing title.

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