How to change and remove weapon attachments - Back 4 Blood

Giving weapon attachments to friends in Back 4 Blood isn't simple, for that matter, neither is removing attachments.


Removing attachments from weapons in Back 4 Blood is possible, but it’s not a straightforward process. Most players were hoping for this mechanic to be included in the full game after their experiences with the beta, and while it’s not fleshed out, it’s at least present in some capacity. So the good news is you’ll be able to give weapon attachments to friends (with a bit of luck).

How to change and remove weapon attachments

While you cannot change or remove weapon attachments in Back 4 Blood within your menu, there is a way to do it out in the world. To remove an attachment, you must find another attachment for that exact slot. Essentially, if you have a purple extended magazine attachment you want to remove, you must find a magazine attachment.

  1. Find an attachment that matches the slot of the one you want to remove
  2. Equip the gun that has the attachment you want to remove
  3. Interact with the attachment to equip it – this removes the one on your gun
  4. The original attachment will be on the ground – this is the only way to give attachments to friends
back 4 blood remove and give weapon attachment
You must find an weapon attachment for the same slot as the one you want to remove. Equip the new attachment to "give" your old attachment to a friend.

The attachment doesn’t have to be the same rarity or even the same type, it just has to be in the same slot. This means you can swap a purple scope for a green one (dropping the purple) or even drop a purple extended magazine for a green damage boost. For now, this is the only way to remove or change attachments and even give attachments to friends.

Basically, removing and changing attachments in Back 4 Blood comes down to luck. If you don’t find an attachment for the same slot, you’ll just have to hold on to the weapon for a bit longer. This is obviously problematic if the gun you want is further back in the level. It would certainly be beneficial if you could swap attachments as easily as you can give friends copper and ammo. For now, though, check out the Shacknews Back 4 Blood page for other tips.

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