How to beat the second boss, Kraid - Metroid Dread

Defeat Kraid, the second boss in Metroid Dread, and claim an upgrade for Samus' arm cannon.


Defeating Kraid in Metroid Dread is no easy task. As the second boss of the game, Kraid poses and impressive threat, despite the fact it’s restricted in movement. Mastering the movements of this boss fight is vital if you want to walk away with victory and an upgrade to Samus’ killing potential.

How to defeat Kraid - Metroid Dread

The fight against Kraid, the second boss in Metroid Dread, will no doubt cause some players a bit of concern. Before you decide to fight Kraid, take a moment to collect as many Missile Tanks and Energy Tanks as you can. The more missiles you have, the more damage you can deal while the more health you have, the more hits you can take.

metroid dread kraid

As for the actual fight against Kraid, it’s split into several sections with each one requiring slightly different strategies. For the first stage, focus on shooting KRaid in the mouth while avoiding the ball it vomits out. You can use your cannon to destroy most of these balls before they ever make it to you. You should also watch out for its claw attack, which sees it hurling claws at you.

metroid dread second boss fight guide kraid

The next stage of the fight will see Kraid free one arm, smashing the platform you’re on and revealing its new weak point: its belly. Shoot it in the belly while dodging the purple balls it fires out. At one point, it will shoot out ledges that stick into the wall. Climb these and grab onto the blue strip and keep shooting Kraid until it punches you off the wall. The fight will repeat until Kraid is defeated.

With enough practice and some upgrades, defeating the Kraid boss fight in Metroid Dread should become a bit easier. Remember to take what you've learned and apply it to the next fights because the boss fights are only going to get harder from here on out. Take a moment to check out the Shacknews Metroid Dread page for our ongoing coverage of Samus’ fantastic return.

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    Sam Chandler posted a new article, How to beat the second boss, Kraid - Metroid Dread

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      Why not just tell us all the bosses so none of them are surprises.

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        Hey gaming website, plz don't talk about games? Not that Kraid being in a Metroid game should remotely be a surprise.

        I am kinda curious now though. Are there Kraids on every planet then or what? Or is Samus just super unlucky?

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          You’re thinking of Ridley. Kraid hasn’t been in a Metroid game since 1994, unless you’re counting Zero Mission which was a remake of the NES original.

          I was legit surprised when he appeared in one of the trailers

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        This is a very weird comment to make. Some players will inevitably go seeking this exact information. It's exactly what a gaming website exists to provide

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          No, it gives the name of the boss. I was trying to go into the game spoiler free. Oh well.

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            If this is the caliber of surprise Nintendo has to offer, I will be very disappointed and shocked, considering the years of them doing otherwise. In other words, I'm sure Dread has much, much more in the way of narrative surprises for the fans. I truly believe Kraid's appearance isn't going to ruin the overall experience for you.

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            Samus fires Kraid from a cannon ship to ship

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            Kraid being in a Metroid game isn't really that surprising is it?

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