How to beat the first boss, Corpius - Metroid Dread

Learn how to defeat Corpius, the first boss in Metroid Dread and one that turns invisible.


One of the first bosses you’ll face in Metroid Dread is Corpius. This monster can turn invisible, which makes it a tough one to nail down. However, there is a trick to this fight (and some tips to keep in mind) that will make defeating Corpius a bit easier. Plus, if you do defeat it, you’ll be rewarded with a pretty neat ability.

How to beat Corpius - Metroid Dread

Before you start the fight, make sure you take some time to find a few Missile Tanks and Energy Tanks – these will give you extra missiles and more health, which will mean you can take more hits before dying. The fight against Corpius is split into a few distinct stages, which we'll go over right now!

metroid dread corpius boss fight

At the start of the Corpius boss fight, you will just need to dodge its spit attacks and its scorpion-like tail stabs and swipes. If you can be inside the tail attack, you can score some free hits while it gets its tail out of the ground.

metroid dread first boss fight guide

After you deal enough damage, a short cutscene will play showing its tail light up – this is its new weak point. Focus on damaging the tail, which is the only thing you’ll be able to see. Keep damaging it until another cutscene plays, at which point you will need to slide under it to the other side of the room (right-hand side).

metroid dread corpius invisible boss

In this next stage, you will need to use the magnetic blue part on the wall in order to dodge various attacks. Shoot Corpius in the face until it turns invisible and then focus on the tail. Use the blue strip on the wall to avoid the poisonous attack. When it turns around, slide under it again. At this point, just deal damage until it’s defeated.

The fight against Corpius is fairly straightforward, you’ll just need to practice dodging its attacks and learning when to slide under it. Use the blue strip on the wall whenever necessary and shoot its tail when invisible and you’ll have it cleared in no time. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Metroid Dread page for more boss guides and collectible locations.

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