How to unlock the Phantom Cloak ability - Metroid Dread

Track down the location of Phantom Cloak in Metroid Dread to give Samus a helpful invisibility ability.


The Phantom Cloak ability is a new addition to Metroid Dread. Unlocking the Phantom Cloak should be a top priority for players, as it will allow Samus to avoid the terrifying EMMIs with greater ease. Finding the Phantom Cloak is easy, the trouble is getting it off of the monster that’s using it.

Phantom Cloak location – Metroid Dread

metroid dread phantom cloak boss
Defeating this boss unlocks the Phantom Cloak.

The Phantom Cloak ability is unlocked after defeating the boss found in Artaria on the right-hand side of the map. When you reach the boss’ second stage, it will start using a cloaking ability, so the goal then is to damage the only part you can see: its tail. During its third stage, use the grab point on the wall to get a good angle on its tail. After you deal enough damage, the boss will be defeated and you’ll unlock Phantom Cloak.

metroid dread phantom cloak location
You'll find the boss in the Artaria, in the location shown above.

Phantom Cloak is classified as an Aeion ability. This ability allows Samus to turn invisible to enemies “by refracting light”. This also makes her move silently at the cost of speed. Remember to use this if you’re struggling to get past EMMIs or other defenses and monsters you find in Metroid Dread.

To activate Phantom Cloak, you must have full Aeion. Click the right stick to activate and press it again to deactivate. Aeion will slowly deplete while Phantom Cloak is active. Moving or shooting will consume Aeion faster. If you run out of Aeion, Phantom Cloak will instead drain your energy. When the energy meter reaches 1, the ability will deactivate. Once off, Aeion will start to recharge.

Unlocking Phantom Cloak in Metroid Dread requires defeating a boss in Artaria. This powerful ability will turn Samus invisible, letting you sneak by unnoticed. It’s one of several abilities you’ll want to unlock, with another highlight being the Morph Ball. Stop by the Shacknews Metroid Dread page for more tips.

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