How to unlock the Morph Ball ability - Metroid Dread

Find the location of Samus' iconic Morph Ball ability in Metroid Dread and start squeezing into tight spaces.


The Morph Ball has made a return in Metroid Dread, and unlocking it is going to take a bit of work. For players that want to reach every secret and find every collectible, finding the Morph Ball location should be a top priority. Though, be prepared for a fight, as you’ll not be finding it in the environment but taking it from a powerful enemy.

Morph Ball location – Metroid Dread

metroid dread central unit morph ball

The Morph Ball ability is unlocked in Metroid Dread by defeating the green EMMI in Cataris. This EMMI can only be defeated by using the Omega Cannon. To get the Omega Cannon, find and defeat the Central Unit to transfer energy from it into the Arm Cannon. This mini boss is in the top-left of the green area of Cataris.

metroid dread morph ball location
The Morph Ball is found in the central area of Cataris after defeating the Central Unit and the green EMMI.

Exit the mini boss room by using the Omega Cannon to destroy the door. Once outside, the green EMMI will immediately start hunting you. Get into a position whereby you have enough time to damage it with the Omega Cannon. If the EMMI gets too close, reposition and keep shooting at it. When its face is knocked off, charge up the cannon for the fatal shot.

After the cutscene, Samus will have the Morph Ball ability. This ability lets Samus curl into a ball and enter narrow spaces. To enter morph ball form, while crouched press ZL or press down on the left-stick. You can also press B to jump while in this form. If you’re running toward a small tunnel that’s slightly above ground level, press B to turn into a ball as you approach to automatically enter. This can also be performed while grabbing on to a ledge that leads to a narrow tunnel.

Finding the Morph Ball location in Metroid Dread will take a bit of work. Thankfully, once the Morph Ball is unlocked, Samus will be able to curl up and reach some of those secret areas you’ve been seeing on your journey. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Metroid Dread page for more help surviving the harsh world of ZDR.

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