How to save your game - Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is going to stump players with how they save their game.


If you’re looking for a way to save your game in Far Cry 6, you are probably going to be stumped initially. There is no obvious way to save a game from the menus. Since not having a manual save tends to make us a tad anxious about losing our progress, here is how Far Cry 6 handles saved games.

How to save your game

far cry 6 save game

In Far Cry 6, there is no manual save option. Players can’t head to the menus and drop a quick save before a mission. Instead, the way to effectively save your game is to fast travel. On more than one occasion, I have captured a checkpoint, or FND base, or some other form of military target, then quit my game afterwards. When I load it back up, the military target I took during my last play session is back in enemy hands.

If you want to ensure your progress has been saved, fast travel to one of your Libertad safe zones. It really doesn’t matter where but take note of the save icon in the top right of your screen. As you fast travel and spawn in, you should see that icon flash, which is an indication that your game is saving, or has just saved. Make sure the icon disappears, then exit your game back to the main menu. You can quit to your desktop from there.

My hope is that Ubisoft will implement a manual save feature for Far Cry 6 in the future. I’m not sure why one isn’t there, but it just feels like a miss in 2021. Thankfully, the game does quite a few things well, and we’ve outlined some of the preparations you should make with our tips before playing Far Cry 6.

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