Far Cry 6 tips before you play

Before you jump into Far Cry 6, read these tips to maximize your time in Yara.


Far Cry 6 has so many moving parts that it’s tough to keep track of everything going on at times. With that in mind, I’ve put a few tips together that should help players prepare for their time in Yara. None of these will spoil the story, but they might help you find your stride in combat or get you leveled up faster. Let’s dive in.

Maximize your XP

far cry 6 xp fast checkpoint

You won’t earn XP overly quickly in Far Cry 6. Some story missions can award only 100 XP, which isn’t a lot when you start to see how quickly you level up. If you want to level up quickly, keep a keen eye out for any checkpoints along the roads. These can offer 250 XP at times and typically take only seconds to finish. Kill the soldiers, destroy the sign, and then loot the area for gear. You will score a nice chunk of XP for a very minimal time investment. You’ll also unlock a fast-travel point.

Save that vehicle

far cry 6 tips save vehicles

If you’re out and about in Yara and find a nice helicopter that you wish to keep, bring it back to one of the bases you’ve captured. This is how you get access to these vehicles. Now, Far Cry 6 does a great job of giving you some unique vehicles as you progress through the story, but your life will be made much easier if you snag a few vehicles of your own.

Go Treasure Hunting

far cry 6 tips treasure hunts

Treasure Hunts are short little activities that, as you might have guessed, award treasure. They don’t take too long to complete, normally provide some great lore along the way, and can lead to fantastic rewards. If grinding the story isn’t what you’re looking for today, Treasure Hunts can help add some gear to your collection in a big hurry.

Track down anti-aircraft sites

far cry 6 tips destroy anti-aircraft

Yara is a big place, and while walking is fun for the first couple of hours as you enjoy how beautiful the game is, it can really drag on. The problem is, Yara is well covered by anti-aircraft sites just waiting to blast you out of the sky. If you see one on your travels, or you have one marked on your map, be sure to take it out. Not only will this allow you to fly more freely in the skies over Yara, but each anti-aircraft site has a stash of Depleted Uranium. This is a material that Juan Cortez uses to build Supremos and Resolver Weapons.

Gathering information

far cry 6 tips gather information

You’ll stumble across plenty of things in your travels, but it never hurts to get some intel. As you see other members of Libertad, look for an icon over their head indicating that they have information for you. These helpful folks can reveal Treasure Hunts, checkpoints, bases, and anti-aircraft sites. The more you know!

Guerrilla Paths

far cry 6 tips use guerrilla paths

One of the things that got old quickly for me in past Far Cry games was how often I was in combat as I moved around the world. Every few steps saw you in a fight with a patrol. This is less of a problem in Far Cry 6, partly because enemies cut you more slack if you’re not trespassing, and because of the Guerrilla Paths. These paths snake through the forests and mountains of Yara, giving Libertad (you) a way to move about without always having to fight.

I could go on for hours about all the things you should do in Far Cry 6, but five seems like a reasonable number and it’s a good start. Those tips are good bang for your buck. It won’t win the revolution for you, but they will help you get ahead of the game a little bit. Make sure you spend some time looking over the Shacknews Far Cry 6 page for other tips to help you with the revolution.

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