Watch the final Mr. Sakurai Presents for Smash Bros. Ultimate livestream here

There's only one fighter left for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so let's watch this livestream and find out who it is together.


It's the end of an era for many reasons, as Mr. Sakurai Presents for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is airing the for the final time. Series Director Masahiro Sakurai is ready to officially unveil one last DLC character for Nintendo's acclaimed mascot fighter. It's all built to this? Who's the last one to join the fight? You can watch the livestream here!

The final Mr. Sakurai Presents

The final Mr. Sakurai Presents for Smash Bros. Ultimate livestream is scheduled to kick off on Tuesday, October 5 at 7:00 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET. The presentation will be roughly 40 minutes long and focus on... whoever this new fighter is. You can watch the full presentation on the Nintendo YouTube channel or watch directly from the embed above.

In addition to the identity of this mystery combatant, expect to hear an official release date. The final Mii Fighter costumes will also be revealed. Plus, it's a 40 minute presentation, so look for Sakurai to dive into this character's history, show off some hands-on gameplay, and maybe even pay tribute to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate itself, which will now be complete.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass Vol. 2 DLC will include this final fighter, along with Tekken's Kazuya, Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Pyra and Mythra, Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth, Minecraft's Steve and Alex, and ARMS' Min Min. We don't know who will round out the cast, but we took some educated guesses earlier this year.

We'll have a lot to say after this final Mr. Sakura Presents livestream, so keep it on Shacknews and check out our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate page for more coverage.

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