Where to find Briar Branches - New World

Harvest Briar Branches from specific locations to get Briar Buds and Thorny Vine in New World.


Briar Branches are one of the many resources players will need to find in New World. This thorny bush can be difficult to locate, especially given how much flora is in the game. Whether you’re finding Briar Branch locations for a quest or just stocking up Briar Buds and Thorny Vine, they’re rather predictable in where they spawn.

Where to find Briar Branches

new world briar branches
Briar Branches are often found near water, like ponds and rivers.

Briar Branches typically spawn near bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and ponds. One such location is the body to the east of the Settlement in Everfall and north of the Valie Tempus ruins. Similar bodies of water can be found in all locations, like the winding river that cuts through Windsward and Monarch’s Bluffs.

If you’re having trouble recognizing the Briar bush, look for thick vines that curve to form rounded tops. The bush has a smattering of leaves (can be green or brown), and is often near bulrushes and normal bushes. They tend to repopulate fairly quickly, so stick around the area keep harvesting until you have enough to complete the quest or craft what you need.

new world briar buds thorny vine
Harvest a briar bush to get Briar Buds and Thorny Vine.

Harvesting Briar Branches offers up Briar Buds and Thorny Vine, both of which are useful in creating potions and other items. You may also find some bait while harvesting the bushes, which is needed if you want to go fishing and catch the best fish.

Finding Briar Branches in New World is easy, just head to a river, lake or pond and search the water’s edge for the bush. While you’re out there harvesting, check out the Shacknews New World page for our ongoing coverage of Amazon Games’ hit title.

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