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Paris Hilton gets her own Roblox world with private jets and DJ sets

While the world-famous socialite is no longer at the forefront of popular culture, she is making her mark in Roblox.


In a year where we’ve potentially seen more video game crossover events than in any time in history, more of them keep coming down the pipe. This time around, the crossover is probably not what you were expecting. Paris Hilton, famous for being a rich heiress and a reality TV star, is making her way to Roblox where she will get her own virtual world complete with private jets and stages for DJ shows.

While some may be quick to judge the news and wonder why Paris Hilton would think she can cut it in the video game world, her track record in previous endeavors is surprisingly good. Her first foray into reality television resulted in a hit, her debut album Paris sold more than 600k copies, and she arguably has the most famous celebrity sex tape ever released. If anyone could cut it in a new entertainment arena, it would probably be Hilton.

As for what exactly Roblox players can expect if they chose to visit Paris Hilton’s slice of digital life? The official press release says that Paris World is “a virtual oasis of fun, possibility and, of course, #sliving.” As an old person, I had to check with Google to find out exactly what sliving meant. Turns out it is a combination of ‘slaying’ and ‘living my best life.’

The new gaming experience includes massive DJ stages, Paris’ own house, a zoo, private jet, yacht, and her own personal island. Fans can join Hilton in the kitchen making meals (a nod to her new Netflix show, “Cooking With Paris”), at the beach relaxing, or even DJing a virtual festival.

Hopefully, next month we might see a collaboration between Rocket League and Casey Anthony or Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Gwar. With today’s Roblox news, we now know that anything is possible.

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