How to get more Azoth - New World

Here are the ways that you can get more Azoth in New World.


In New World, there are a slew of different currencies and resources that players will need to manage in order to properly craft and upgrade gear. One of these materials is Azoth, which players will gather during their travels. There will be several instances in which players will need Azoth in order to improve their experience, so let’s look at where you can find it in New World.

How to get more Azoth - New World

Players can collect Azoth by completing quests, as it’s often given as a reward in addition to experience and coins. Azoth may also be dropped by enemies upon death.

Azoth serves a couple of important purposes in New World. One, it’s the currency in which players will pay for fast travel. If you’re at a shrine or settlement, you can fast travel to other shrines or settlements that you’ve already discovered, at the expense of some Azoth. Many of the quests in New World will require you to travel back and forth across long distances, so being able to fast travel will greatly improve the experience.

Azoth is also an important component when crafting. Whether it’s a weapon, tool, or a piece of armor, Azoth can be used in order to provide an additional statistic boost to the item. Players don’t get to decide what traits they apply, but the more Azoth is used, the better the trait will be. The amount of Azoth that a player can apply to an item when crafting depends on the rarity of the item itself.

It’s worth noting that there is a cap to how much Azoth you can carry. Once you reach 1000, you can not hold any more, and any excess Azoth you earn will be discarded. With that in mind, there’s no need to horde your Azoth - use it or lose it. For more helpful New World guides, Shacknews has you covered.

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