How to give items to other players - New World

It's possible to give your friends items and gear using a trading system in New World.


Giving items to your friends and other players in New World is known as trading. Not to be confused with the vendor in each settlement, this trading system allows you to give an item to anyone you want – provided there are no restrictions on said item. Let’s dive into how you can give your friends stuff using this trading mechanic.

How to give items – Trading in New World

new world give items trade gear
You can also approach your friend and press the H key to open a menu that includes an option to "Trade".

To give an item to your friend in New World, you will first need to be near their character. You must be within 10 meters of your friend to initiate a trade. While you don’t have to add your friend, it will help if you want to play together. Here's each step to give items to friends:

  • Press Esc while in-game
  • Click the Online button to open the Social tab
  • Select the friend who you want to give the item to
  • Click the Trade button – this will initiate the trade. Your friend should accept
  • Drag the items you want to give into the box on the top right under “Send”
  • Click the Lock In button when you are finished (your friend should click Lock In, too)
  • Click Trade to finalize

Your friend will also need to select Lock In and the Trade button, even if they aren’t giving you anything. Once the trade is completed, you will give your friend whatever items you had chosen to offer.

new world bound items
Items that are bound to you cannot be traded or given to other players.

The restrictions I mentioned above relate to items that bind to you once you equip them. For example, some jewelry, weapons and other items will bind to your character if you pick them up or equip them. This means you cannot trade them or give them to another player. If you find a valuable item you have no intentions of using, make sure you don’t accidentally use it lest you bind it to you.

Giving items to friends, or even other players you haven’t added, is a great way help others progress through New World. This is a good alternative to selling items, especially if the item you have would benefit your ally. Check out the Shacknews New World page for more tips, like our explainer of World Set and our guide on the server status.

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