How long is the New World AFK timer?

New World has an AFK timer that will kick you for inactivity if you sit around for too long doing nothing.


New World has an AFK timer, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has played any online game. While getting kicked from a game can be frustrating, an AFK timer ensures that the server isn’t supporting players that are taking up precious space doing nothing. Knowing how long you’ve got before you’re kicked will certainly help if you need to pop away for a moment to sort something out.

New World AFK timer

The New World AFK timer is 25 minutes. This means that if you sit idle for 25 minutes in New World, you will be disconnected from the server and returned to the main menu. You do get a warning at the 20 minute mark with a countdown for the remaining five minutes. While getting kicked due to server woes is frustrating, being removed from the game because you just stopped playing for a third of an hour is quite reasonable.

new world afk timer
New World will give you 25 minutes before you're kicked for inactivity.

Compared to other modern titles, New World’s 25 minute AFK timer is rather generous. Games like Destiny 2 and Sea of Thieves have an extremely short timer, removing players who don’t touch their controller or keyboard after a few minutes. New World’s current setting should give players plenty of time to step away from their computer to take care of things without the fear of being kicked.

The flip side of this setting is that it can render some players at a severe disadvantage. It can be frustrating to try and engage in content when some player can be AFK for almost half an hour without any repercussion and without being replaced by a player that is going to participate. Whether the sensitivity of the AFK timer in New World gets tweaked in the future remains to be seen.

So while the AFK timer in New World is long, it’s a good idea not to exploit the amount of time you get. Remember that there are other players on your team that would very much like to play with you. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we continue to dive into New World.

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