Pokemon Unite adds Mamoswine to the roster this week

Pokemon Unite is getting another rough and tumble brawler when Mamoswine arrives in its roster this week.


It was a while back during a Pokemon Direct that TiMi Studios revealed the next characters it would be bringing to the Pokemon Unite roster next. The free-to-play Pokemon MOBA has a pretty eclectic collection of pocket monsters already and Mamoswine and Sylveon were set to boost the ranks. We haven’t heard much about their release date since though. That changed today. We now know when Mamoswine is going to be available to play in Pokemon Unite and it’s coming this week!

TiMi Studios announced the arrival date of Mamoswine for Pokemon Unite via the game’s Twitter fairly recently. According to the tweet, Mamoswine is set to arrive in Pokemon Unite’s roster on September 29, 2021. As a new pokemon, it will likely run a cost of 10,000 Aeos coins to unlock, though it could be dependent on the pokemon’s role and popularity. The frosty boar-like pokemon will be another sturdy brawler for the roster. It can drop ice down on its foes, yank them into its tusks and slam them down, and even go on a bucking rampage to do area of effect damage.

We’ve known about Mamoswine coming to Pokemon Unite for sometime now. It was announced alongside Sylveon at the last Pokemon Direct presentation as the next characters for the game. Blastoise would eventually come first, but now it looks like it’s Mamoswine turn to take the stage. There’s still no word on Sylveon’s release date, but the Pokemon Unite Twitter also shared that it would have more details on Sylveon soon. The fairy version of Eevee’s release likely isn’t terribly far off.

With Mamoswine hitting the Pokemon Unite roster this week, you can look for him on Switch or the newly released mobile version of the game. Be sure to check out our other Pokemon Unite coverage for patch notes and further updates on the game.

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