Hitman 3's next Seven Deadly Sins chapter is green with Envy

Is Agent 47 truly the best assassin around? Hitman 3's Season of Envy will put that to the test in the next DLC.


As we chug along through the year, IO Interactive keeps bringing us back to Hitman 3 in the most fun ways. The Seven Deadly Sins DLC series has taken us on quite the adventure through the many cardinal sins of Agent 47’s psyche, and the next one is coming up fast. Prepare to prove yourself against all doubters – It’s time to face Hitman 3’s Season of Envy.

The Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins Envy DLC chapter was revealed with a YouTube video and press release on September 23, 2021. For this upcoming DLC, players will face doubt and denial down. Is Agent 47 really the best? Another assassin who is supposedly better will put that to the test. Many targets await you in The Envy Contention Escalation in Mendoza and they need to be taken out in specific ways. More importantly, you need to be the first one there as another assassin races you to the punch. It will be non-stop gauntlet to clear all doubt and show Agent 47 has no equal.

Of course, there are always a lovely array of goodies for when you manage to finish a Seven Deadly Sins Escalation. Conquering The Envy Contention will net you new gear, including the Odium Suit, Jaeger 7 Green Eye sniper rifle variant, and Cat’s Claw bladed weapon for your collection and use in other missions.

Hitman 3’s Seven Deadly Sins Envy chapter will launch on September 28, 2021. Much as all of the DLC content in this series has one, the Envy chapter and its contents will sell for $5 USD standalone. If you want to get it, the rest of the previously released Seven Deadly Sins content, and the final chapters, you can pick up a bundle of it all for $30.

Each DLC release of Hitman 3 has been accompanied with a roadmap of new Elusive Targets, Escalations, Featured Contracts, and more. We expect the Seven Deadly Sins Season of Envy will likely be the same, so stay tuned for more content and details coming for Hitman 3 as it becomes available.

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