Splitgate Season 0 - All Stages and Challenges

Here are all of the Stage Challenges for Splitgate Season 0.


Prior to the game launching with its 1.0 version, 1047 games kicked off Splitgate’s ongoing ecosystem with Season 0. Splitgate Season 0 features a Battle Pass, competitive queue, and a slew of challenges for players to complete and earn rewards from over the course of the season. Let’s look at all of the Stages and Challenges for Splitgate Season 0.

Last updated on October 20, 2021 at 9:20 a.m. PT.

Splitgate Season 0 - All Stages and Challenges

The Splitgate Season 0 Challenges are broken up into stages. As the season progresses, 1047 Games will introduce new stages that add more challenges for players to complete. Half of the season challenges are available to all players, with the rest restricted to those that purchase the premium Battle Pass. Here are both the Free and Premium challenges for Splitgate Season 0.

Splitgate Season 0 Stage 1 Free Challenges

  • Get 5000 score in King of the Hill, Domination, or Oddball
  • Play 200 matches
  • Win 25 matches of Rumble game modes
  • Win 250 matches
  • Get 1500 kills
  • Get 1000 Assist Kills or Revenge Kills

Splitgate Season 0 Stage 1 Premium Challenges

  • Win 25 matches with the most kills
  • Inflict 150k damage
  • Get 100 Double Kills
  • Get 150 Kills through Portals
  • Get a Portal Kill
  • Play 100 Competitive matches

Splitgate Season 0 Stage 2 Free Challenges

  • Land 5000 shots
  • Play 20 matches in a party
  • Play 10 matches in 1 day
  • Go through 50 friendly Portals
  • Win 5 matches with double the score of the opposing team
  • Get 150 Assist Kills

Splitgate Season 0 Stage 2 Premium Challenges

  • Get 25 King Slayer Kills
  • Get 10 First Blood Kills
  • Emote in 25 matches
  • Get 150 Headshot Kills
  • Win 25 matches with the highest score

Splitgate Season 0 Stage 3 Free Challenges

  • Win 35 matches
  • Get 100 kills with the BFB or Railgun
  • Get 150 Revenge Kills
  • Inflict 50k damage
  • Win a match of 10 different Game Modes
  • Get 500 kills

Splitgate Season 0 Stage 3 Premium Challenges

  • Get 500 Score in TDM, Shotty Snipers, or SWAT
  • Win a match of Instagib, Gun Game, and Contamination
  • Get 100 kills with a Sniper or Shotgun
  • Get 50 Headshot Kills
  • Get the Highest Score on your team in 20 matches
  • Get 50 Revenge Kills

Splitgate Season 4 Challenges

Check back on November 17!

These challenges will take a while to complete, as they’re meant to keep players occupied throughout the season. As you put in hours and get through the challenges, make sure to claim these rewards so that you can get large sums of XP as well as Reward Drops.

As more Stages are unlocked throughout Season 0, we’ll continue to update this article with new challenges. For everything you need to know about Splitgate, stick with us here at Shacknews.

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