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Weekend Discussion - September 11, 2021

It's Saturday. You know what that means; a new Weekend Discussion!


Hey y'all, what a week of news and excitement. Before we hop into the discussion I want to take a moment here to keep the victims of September 11th and their families in my thoughts as today is the 20th anniversary of that day. Cherish your loved ones and let's continue to try to make the world a better place.

Insomniac Games is Winning

The Playstation Showcase this week brought so many epic trailers and new looks at games I am looking forward to but I tink the main story coming out of the event has got to be how much value Insomniac Games has added to the Playstation Studios brand. Marvel is also greenlighting these projects and it feels like a new era for Comic book video games is upon us. So, I thought it would be interesting to theorize on what Marvel game would be next from this talented studio? I'll share my top suggestion below but feel free to chime in with the character you would like to see in an Insominac game.

Insomniac Presents Daredevil

Image of Daredevil standing in a dark alley
Image of Daredevil standing in dark alley

Matt Murdock is such a great character. After Spidey, he's probably my favorite character in the Marvel Universe. I think he would be a great character for a video game, especially considering how creative Insomniac has been with creating diverse combat mechanics and gadgets. We've seen New York City from above in the Spider-Man games but what would it be like to spend time at the bottom? Hell's Kitchen and it's surrounding areas have a deep dark under belly and would allow more street-level villains to appear that were already introduced like Tombstone in new ways. Daredevil's war with The Kingpin is infamous at this point but there's so much that can also be done with The Hand and characters like Bullseye and The Punisher even. Also being able to use Matt's echolocation would be something really cool to see in motion.

Daredevil's biggest strength could also be used against him in ways that could be really cool to see play out from a gameplay persepctive. Imagine being able to determine the strength of your billy club tosses as you bounce them off walls bassed on the PS5 Dualsense's haptic triggers. Lastly, the court drama is a big part of the comic book stories and it adds a way for Insomniac to craft a deep story with plenty of side mission opportunities. Maybe a high profile case that brings the attention of Jennifer Walters as She-Hulk? I'd love to see it.

And now.. The Internet

There's a new Aquaman in town.

Nintendo was very excited about Wario's release.

Productive Citizen may be The One with this Matrix theory.

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